Kazakhstan-China Pipeline


Economically viable route to export Kazakhstan oil

Kazakhstan is a country
possessing the richest resources
of hydrocarbon raw products
in Central Asia.

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mln tons per annum Maximum throughput of the pipeline - 20 mln tons a year
km Length of the pipeline – 794 km
mln tons of oil Since the beginning of operation, more than 78 million tons of oil have been transported through the Kenkiyak-Kumkol oil pipeline

Kenkiyak - Kumkol

Kenkiyak - Kumkol oil pipeline is intended for transportation of oil from West-Kazakhstan and Aktobe oilfields. The initial point is Kenkiyak CTP, terminal point is Kumkol CTP. The maximum capacity of the pipeline is 10 mln tons a year; pipeline length is 794 km. The project includes construction of relay pump stations along the pipeline to increase oil transportation volumes.

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km Length of the pipeline – 965 km
mln tons of oil More than 168 million tons of oil were transported through the Atasu-Alashankou oil pipeline during the entire period of operation

Atasu - Alashankou

Atasu - Alashankou crude oil pipeline is designed for transportation of oil from West-Kazakhstan, Aktobe and Kumkol oilfields to China, as well as for transit of Russian oil.

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